Streetphotography in Stuttgart 2019 (first try)

After following some great street photographers on instagram, I finally (mind you, this was in 2019) set out to try this kind of work myself. To be honest, I struggled quite a bit. It is hard to take pictures of people without feeling creepy or weird and like you are intruding. Personally, I would not like to have my pictures taken on a semi-professional level by anyone without knowing what happen to the picture. However, I tried taking pictures that would not actually reveal anyones identity and still had some sort of appeal to me. One shot was actually approved by the “model” himself, thus making it fine to post it here. Other than having sore feet after hours and hours of walking, it was actually a nice experience. Just my camera and myself on the hunt for something interesting to take a picture of. No time pressure, nobody who wants to look good, just whatever happens in front of my lens. Gear-wise I was still using my EOS100D with a small 24mm/2.8 pancake. This was a very cheap, but insanely capable setup and very enjoyable. Nowadays, I would shoot something like this with my X100T, which is much smaller, stealthier and quicker.

2 thoughts on “Streetphotography in Stuttgart 2019 (first try)

  1. Tim says:

    I love the photo of the guy running for the bus! All good street images, man.

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