Update no.1 – clean up

So if you have read my first post, you know that I am in a situation I did not exactly choose. Without diving in too much, I wanted to give a quick update about what is going on with me.
After having an interesting and very insightful talk with somebody trained to help in those kinds of situations, I am trying to basically clean up my life and straighten things out.
Every day since monday, I have made an effort to check something off my list of things to change, get rid of or whatever the case may be. Just to go forward. It is still difficult, and there are times when my strength really is not there to get anything done. Nevertheless, I work out every day to get tired and I do something important on my list. The biggest “win” this week must have been my new apartment. I have already figured out where my daughter can sleep over when she comes to visit, which was basically one of my biggest concerns for the new place. It will be fine though.

Despite all these grim news, I got myself something nice. In an attempt to get rid of distractions, I sold and left behind all my PC and console gaming gear. Now, all I own is a brand spanking new Dell XPS 13 2in1. If you don’t know what it is, you best google it. In my humble opinion, it is the “Macbook of Windows laptops”. An elegant chassis, great keyboard and large trackpad, long battery life and (what the Mac does NOT have) it has the 2in1 functionality which is accompanied by a magnificent touchscreen. Additionally, I bought a pen and now I am using this thing all the time to read and write, mark PDFs, add notes to something…there is just so much you can do. Even photo editing is fun on this machine with the pen.
I might write a more in-depth “review” of this machine…we will see.
Anyways, this is all for now. Hopefully, I will find the strength to go back out and shoot some more, which I honestly often do not have at the moment.

1 thought on “Update no.1 – clean up

  1. Tim says:

    Hey Matthias,

    I’m really pleased for you.

    I actually just sent you an e-mail, but I hadn’t read your post before sending it to you.

    I’m pleased to say my advice matches the advice you received here 🙂

    Keep on going – you will come out of the other end of this a stronger person.


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