Macro (03/2020)

So I already knew that my dad still has a bunch of Canon FD lenses from the 70s when I bought my X-T20 and later X-H1. What I did not know was that he has a 100mm macro and that thing is SHARP! Despite being a super sharp lens, there are some challenges when using it.
First off, the depth of field is veeery shallow, especially at the maximum f/2.8 aperture. One may say that closing the aperture would help, but that could cause issues with the shutter speed to freeze the action and not wanting to introduce too much camera shake when handheld.
That is basically already the second problem, because an 150mm-equivalent is not easy to handhold, even worse when closing the aperture. I could have used a tripod, but that would make it difficult to move around with the insects and focus back and forth.
Lastly, the manual focus makes it quite hard to use with such a lens, which is where things go full circle. I had the X-T20 and it was ok for manual focus, but the X-H1 I am using now has the biggest brightest EVF (X-T4 is supposedly bigger), which is great for manual focus. What is even better is that, in addition that beautiful EVF, it also has IBIS.

These are just some pictures I took of insects in and around a bush and I picked what I found to be acceptable. As I mentioned above, nailing focus is difficult and therefore getting it complelety right with a quickly flying insects.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my images and you may judge for yourself whether or not I nailed focus.